Friday, February 10, 2006

oration piece

Water: The Depth of life
by karla mae gacusana

Deprive me with a drop of water and you wash away my right to live. Provide me a sea of it, and the world will swim its richness…

Young as I am, I know and I appreciate the important things in life. I am thankful that I am alive and that I am able to enjoy life’s fascinating wonders. Sometimes, while I am deep in comforting solace, I cannot help but marvel at everything around me. I look up at the open sky and I feel the gentle warmth touch my face, I watch the trees shed their leaves dancing to the rhythm of the wind. Indeed. I am fortunate to be alive.

With this I stand here today to say this to all of you—water is life. I am thankful for this gift; for without water, where is the life I conquer?

In the same way the seeds need water as they thirst against the sun’s mighty heat. Sprinkle them with bountiful drops, soon after, they shall blossom as beautiful flowers….radiant and lovely.

I am the seed, you are the seed. Sooner or later we shall become flowers. But first, we must face the flames of struggles the world rifles through us…until we bloom our full colors. And I am proud to say that because of water, our basic need, we are empowered to burst forth towards healthy individuals, responsible and active.
How powerful is water? Water can be without the company of humans; but we as humans can only be without water for a few days.

Therefore, the world’s water supply is a precious commodity, necessary for our survival. It gives nourishment to life—we are able to work, breathe and play—to experience the passion of living. Without it, we would die…the earth, supporting millions of vitality, is covered by its life-giving power. The water holds the whole marine life, which serves as the source of the foods we eat. All creatures in the world are largely composed of water, hence, they need it, the way they need the world.

It only arrives at one best conclusion, water is indeed, important. However, no matter how much we know how important water is, do we value its essentiality?

As we advance towards a modern society; its been a long time since I saw the clear blue ocean waves and the awe of its sparkling crystals, since I last drank safe water for a thirsty soul.

Today, numerous junks are thrown upon the silence of its flowing body. Firms are leaking obnoxious chemicals and wastes, contaminating the solace of water’s streams. And if these are ingested, it could cause death—killing millions of lives. The water, greatly affected by this rush of modernization—innocently billows…and hopes of supporting the life of the world—shatter.

Sadly, we are the victims of our own crime. We kill ourselves. We know the fact that polluting the sea would harm no one else but us, yet we continue to do it. Are we trying to fool ourselves? If we continue destroying it, our children may not be able to drink a single drop of water’s richness. Ponder on how many dies each day for this reason. Save them not tomorrow but today!

We deserve safe water to drink and safe water to use. We need to fulfill our duty, to take good care of the precious role it plays for the humanity. We are responsible forever, for preserving our life, our water. For everybody’s sake I must fulfill this duty.

I am one of the youth, I am tomorrow’s hope. At this moment, I instill in myself the commitment of preserving and conserving water. I call you to be in one with me…

You preserve water; I preserve water. From now on, bear with me. We can never allow a single drop to be wasted! We are not to abuse its importance imprudently; we are to conserve its remaining brilliance. Where is our conscience, our honor? As concerned individuals, we must protect our water; we must save it from its dying condition. We will work together to provide the generations to come a clean water they could use; we will provide ourselves with the same, if we will mold tomorrow as not as the same as today, I speak for the youth, hear our plea. The heavens are crying upon seeing the ruthless effects we have done to the environment for the past few years. All of us need water—clean, safe and sufficient. Be saved, act now. The country needs healthy Filipinos who will build the Philippines, the new and improved Philippines!

And let my children witness the blueness of water’s solace. If all of us would value this precious gift bestowed on humanity, we would all survive, with flying colors. Water, indeed, has taken a big role in the leap of man’s vitality. We should be thankful for every drop it gives, for it holds millions of life. Every pint, every drip….every purpose the water is used for is very valuable. So now, more than ever, I thank the lord almighty, who has blessed us with this life. And I thank him for the water he created…….

Water is my life, water is your life. How far ca we go? Down to the depth of life’s eternity. Swim its deepness and never let the waves of selfishness drown us…

Deprive me with a drop of water and you wash away my right to live, provide me a sea of it and the world will swim its richness.

I will say this over and over again…until they mark on your mind and it will be remembered… forever.


Blogger Jove said...

can i use this piece for an oratorical contest?

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Blogger Jove said...

can i use this piece for an oratorical contest?

10:18 PM  
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can i use this?

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Blogger Wyler Eupena said...

can i use this?

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Blogger Wyler Eupena said...

can i use this?

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